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06-06-2016 · Tips · Posted by: Lana

37 Things That Happen On Your First Couples Holiday


So you’ve booked your first holiday as a couple.

Congratulations. That’s a pretty big deal. You’ve made the transition into actual, real adulthood.

For most couples, going on holiday will be the longest time you’ve spent alone together in complete isolation. It’s just the two of you, 24/7, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

So here are a few things you can expect from that first romantic trip.

1. You’ll spend the days before the holiday counting down the hours and minutes until your getaway, imagining candlelit dinners and romantic walks on the beach.

2. And you know you just WON’T be one of those couples that argues on holidays.

3. But then the day comes and…

You’ll argue over when to leave for the airport. Even when you’re old and grey and wrinkly and have been together for 84 years, you will never agree on this.

4. You’ll argue at the airport and get a little scared the the holiday is going to be a disaster.

5. When you get to the check-in desk, one of you will have overweight luggage and you’ll have to do that awkward thing of swapping stuff into eachother’s bag.

6. You’ll both want the window seat and then agree that one of you gets it on the way there and the other will get it on the way back.

7. You’ll get to the hotel and immediately claim wardrobe space and sides of the bed.

8. You’ll have bathroom issues. One of you will spend waayy too long in there and you'll be concious of every single noise you make.

9. You’ll make a money plan before you leave but when you get there you have no idea how to split bills or organise who pays for what.

10. You will eat so much food and tell each other it’s ok because you’re on holiday and you’ll totally both start eating super healthy when you get home.

11. Your friends and family will assume that you’re going to come back engaged.

12. And if your partner bends down to tie his shoelaces, you will think he’s going to propose.

13. Or you’ll be suspicious that your partner is expecting you to propose.

14. You’ll be extra romantic with each other. Maybe it's the holiday air?

15. You’ll start talking about planning your next trip when your two days in.

16. Because you’re spending so much time together, you’ll learn so much more about each other.

17. You’ll hear the same song everywhere and when you come home it will remind you of your trip and be forever known as your ‘holiday song.’

18. When you see groups of young people on holiday or ‘lads on tour’ drinking all day and all night, you’ll suddenly feel like a real proper grown up and realise that you phyiscally could not do that anymore.

19. In an attempt to prove you’re still young and ‘with it’ you’ll get drunk. It will start off romantic and turn into a blazing row. But then you’ll make up, get back to being all mushy and cute with eachother and laugh about it the next day.

20. You will get lost and/or argue about directions.

21. You’ll realise that you both spend down-time differently. For example: one of you will want to nap in the afternoon and the other one will want to explore.

22. One of you will always wake up earlier than the other one and spend what seems like an eternity for the other to get up.

23. One of you will want to plan every detail of every day and the other one will want to be more ‘spur of the moment’.

24. You will very quickly get into a routine of waking up, getting ready and going out at a certain time.

25. One will persuade the other one to do an activity together. One of you will be slightly more hesitant than the other but you’ll both be glad you did it.

26. You’ll go to a few different bars and restaurants but you’ll soon discover a favourite and it will become your sort of local.

27. You’ll see the same few people every day, and you’ll give them funny nicknames.

28. You’ll spend about 60% of your time people watching together and quietly judging others.

29. You’ll suddenly start to notice habits in your partner that you’ve never seen before.

30. You’ll try to put your phones away and spend time together, but when you get some free wifi you’ll end up staring at your screens for twenty minutes straight without saying a word to eachother.

31. One of you will get sick.

32. As a result, you’ll become a lot less embarassed about each other’s bodily functions. There’s just no time for shame anymore.

33. One of you will get ridiculously sunburnt and the other one will say “I told you so” a lot.

34. You’ll crave some time alone.

35. You’ll meet another couple and be competitive about who loves eachother more.

36. You’ll take a ridiculous amount of couple selfies.

37. You’ll come back closer than ever.

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